Lisa Mitchell, MFT, ATR

The way that first splash of paint hits the canvas.

The way a spontaneous squiggle can turn a “mistake” into a “masterpiece.”

The way a client’s eyes light up when they break through to a solution, all on their own.

That’s what ART means to me.

It’s about getting unstuck. It’s about self-expression. It’s about finding surprising solutions to all of life’s challenges, big and small.

And when you awaken your inner artist, there is no problem you can’t solve.

As a therapist with over 20 years of experience, I’ve had the honor of supporting thousands of teens, individuals, couples + families. Art has always been the focal point of my practice — and a huge part of my life.

Before opening The Art Therapy Studio, I used art in foster family agencies with traumatized and abused children to help soothe their anxiety and fear.

Before that, I used art to help families living with domestic violence and drug addiction to discover new ways of communicating + connecting to themselves and one another.

And before that, I used art to create moments of healing + vulnerability between hardened juvenile sex offenders — the kind of people that most deemed “beyond help” and “beyond hope.”

In August of 2003, I opened The Art Therapy Studio, my own private practice — a place to share the power of art therapy in a welcoming and beautiful space.

At the studio, there’s a limitless supply of art materials, lots of good table space and splatter-friendly walls. Best of all, we’re just across the street from a park — with a wandering family of free-range roosters!

With The Art Therapy Studio, my vision was (and still is) to apply art therapy to a wide range of challenges — like depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, grief, loss, trauma, trouble at work + at school, conflict and communication breakdowns, chronic stress and more.

Diversity keeps me energized — and when it comes to solving problems, the creative process is universally applicable.

For the past 10 years, I’ve divided my time between my two greatest passions:

  • Using art therapy to help my clients heal, grow and find solutions to seemingly-unsolvable problems.

And …

  • Training other therapists to use art + creativity in their own practices. (There’s a whole other website, for that!)

When I’m not seeing clients — or teaching students —  I’m out enjoying my joyfully busy life with my husband, our 3 children, and a very demanding Weimeraner.

I am blessed with a full + bustling client docket — and often receive referrals from my peers, when they’ve reached a “wall” with a particular client.

I usually have space for a small handful of new clients, at any given point. Just reach out and I’ll let you know my next available date, for a first-time session.

For the last twenty years, and the next, it’s my privilege to make art with you …
… and help make your life better.

Be well, and be in touch.

Lisa Mitchell

A few more “official” details …

The Art Therapy Studio is located in Fair Oaks Village near Sacramento, California. Our address is 7985 Park Drive Fair Oaks, CA 95628, and our phone number is 916-276-0455.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC33800) and a Registered Art Therapist (97-010). I graduated from California State University—Sacramento with my M.S. in Counseling and Art Therapy in 1994. My email address is trustart@sbcglobal.net.




Lisa Mitchell, MFT,