Services: For Teens and Tweens

When your teenager is in trouble, your first instinct is to either blame yourself — or blame your kid.

Neither option is helpful. And ultimately, both feel terrible.

There’s a third option: removing all blame, and seeking creative, open-hearted solutions that honor your needs, as well as your teens’.

Art therapy is one path to that third option.

(And in my professional opinion, it’s one of the best.)


I work with teenagers who …

  • Struggle to succeed within mainstream institutions + educational  systems.
  • Get poor grades (or are suddenly getting poor grades), despite being  highly intelligent.
  • Don’t feel seen, appreciated or understood by their parents, their peers — or most of society.
  • Have trouble putting emotions into words, and feel isolated, because  of it.
  • Have trouble with basic life + school skills — like starting + completing  assignments.
  • Place unreasonable amounts of pressure on themselves to “win,” “be  perfect” and “succeed,” leading to crippling anxiety and angry outbursts.
  • Are engaging in “high risk behaviors” — drugs, unsafe sex, leaving home in the middle of the night, shoplifting, and getting into fights.
  • Are numbing out with social media, disconnecting from friends or  disappearing from family life.

The teens I work with have often been to other therapists, before.

They may have already received a diagnosis, or been given a label to describe what they’re going through — like depression, trauma, anxiety, panic, phobia, grief or loss.

They may have made some progress, but eventually hit a “wall.”

Art therapy is often the missing piece, for these teens. My teenage clients often express how refreshing + exciting it feels to play with paint, paper and canvases, and experience a different way of being seen + heard. Watching a teenager come alive — and grow + mature — through the creative process is one of the greatest joys of my life.


… is never to “replace” you as your teenager’s primary guide.

My goal is to help your teen access his or her inner creative problem-solver, so that your child feels empowered to find solutions to all kinds of challenges, big and small.

As part of that goal, I’m also here to help you create the relationship that you want to have with your child: as a guide + mentor, not a rule-enforcer.


Contact me to set up your first appointment — and/or, consider watching this helpful video, “Will my teen benefit from Art Therapy.”

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